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October 5, 2007
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The Fallen: preview by renata-young The Fallen: preview by renata-young
As you all can read, that's just a preview page (without ballons) from the project "Endzone: The Fallen" I'm working on!
And here's the first part of the second chapter: [link]

Yea, I'm still alive! And working (very) hard on this comic (specially because I don't have a job anymore! WEEEEE! XD).
And yes, this is Bunny Bunny on good old days! =D

Damn, draw is sooooo good! I missed it! :love:
Hope you all like it!

Bunny Bunny belongs to me, Renata N.B. (you all already know, right?)

Brushes from :iconkabocha: and :iconbazzabent-stock:
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CuteLittleSister Nov 2, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Ah Lucifer the Angel of Darkness and the once Heaven's Angel. 

Really love the colors that you did. I also like that you place the almost Nazi uniform on him makes him even more evil then he is right now. Also love the star and the fire as he comes out from the pentagram makes him almost have the "Holy" effect.. I am kind of jealous wish I can draw like this.

Anyways, nice job! Really love him. O.o Can I sell my soul for a kiss? Would he let me do it? 
Sorry for the super late reply, but thank you very much. :)
CuteLittleSister Nov 27, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Its okay! Love your artwork.
OkamiAmmyterasu Nov 19, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I love the way you have designed Lucifer. Looks very... accurate, actually. XD
If only i had money... D8

I'd buy this print if i did.

Or maybe i shouldnt either way... too many of my thoughts have been about Bunny Bunny and Damian lately. I dont think this picture on my wall would help.

But seriously. I've been daydreaming alot ... and most of it's involved me accidentaly selling my soul to Bunny Bunny in exchange for Damian. 8D;

Oh and wondering what his real name could be, the one he had before being turned into a bunny.
LOL! hahahahaha

Good to know you like him that much, Fluffy! Makes me feel happy! :love:

And sure I'll tell you about any comic I come to do. That's my biggest dream, by the way! =D

Thanks again, dear! For everything! :)
Well im always happy to make you happy my dear~<3

One of my dreams is for you to get published too! X3

And for there to be merchandise of your series. I want a Bunny Bunny plushie! Well more so one of Damian but still...

And speaking of Damian... i kinda wanna poster of him. One involving Lulu in his real form.

And it has to be signed by you. >3
Hummm... I can do that!
Wait for me... :iconteheplz:

Can you really?

I'd like die of happyness if you did! Maybe i should buy one of those things they shock people with to bring them back. I wont make it to the hospital in time for them to use theirs.

Whats sad is that i have to go to the city not far from my town for anything serious. 8D;
HOLY CRAP that is AWESOME! Seriously, this is just amazing! I love the fire, it's so pretty, along with everything else... So amazing.
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